The flower dress. Inspiration and process of collaboration.

I like the collaborations. I think they enrich all parties involved. They help me look at the world  through other artists’ eyes and make the product of our collaboration extraordinary.

The very first collaboration of the Project: Made in Huntsville was with a wonderful artist – Barbara from Laughing Tree Art. I am very grateful that she believed in the idea of blending our visions. I think we achieved a beautiful result:

I asked Barbara to tell us about her inspiration for the flower print and the process of painting the dress. Here is what she wrote:

“I am inspired by both the natural world and humanity’s role in that world. In my art practice each piece is original from concept to finished product. For the look we work on together with Anyaberry our inspiration was Huntsville’s nature, the abundance of flowers and rain in spring. That is how we decided on painting the image of crape myrtle blossoms on wet asphalt. Fallen blossoms were photographed, enlarged, and drawn onto tissue, then transferred to the dress. Acrylic paint with added textile medium was used to create an impressionistic, lifelike effect”.

To commission a one of a kind dress, contact Barbara at Laughing Tree Art on Facebook or at

Another collaborator for the look above was a talented hair and make-up  Megan Arreola.  I the following video she shared her inspiration and process.

Johnny Miller Photography skillfully captured all the beauty of the dress and the model:

There are more collaborations on Project: Made in Huntsville. I can’t wait to share their results with you. Stay connected: find us on FB and Instagram.


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