Photo by Johnny Miller Photography. Models: Brianna and Alyssa

We are excited to finally start sharing the results of our collaborative collection Project:  Made in Huntsville.

Talented artists in different mediums such as woodworking, painting, weaving, metalworking, photography, etc. collaborated with Anyaberry, LLC on different looks of the collection.

Huntsville visitors left their messages on the fabric that was used for the lining of some garments. Try to spy them on our raincoats.

We love our city and are inspired by its glorious past, southern charm, techie and innovative side as well as multicultural population! We wanted to channel our inspiration into a collection that will reflect our city and show how fashionable the Huntsvillians are.

We invite you to leave your comments (send us an email) and tell us if you like our looks as they appear on this page. Your opinion is important to us!

Johnny Miller Photography. Models: Alyssa and Brianna

Fashionable Portraits.

We are opening the collection with the first two looks that are called Fashionable Portraits. Huntsville, AL has many citizens and visitors from all over the world.  We wanted to reflect it in our clothing. Even though we could probably do a whole collection on this theme we limited it to two looks. What do you think? Would you order your own portrait on the shirt or the portrait of someone dear to your heart? Leave us a comment below.

Here you see beautiful Brianna wearing top and skirt in golden tones. Her top is decorated with hand applied sequins and ribbons.



Gorgeous Alyssa is modeling a top and shorts in burgundy pink color scheme. The top in decorated with sequences and tulle.

This cotton dress continues our collection. It is fully lined and embellished with handmade lace on the bottom. Another lace decorates the front. It is currently one sale for $70. Size M. Come to Anyaberry studio 2051 in Lowe Mill to try it on!

Model: Brianna. Johnny Miller Photography.

The next four looks where featured in the Lookbook MAG published by Alabama Fashion Alliance. We are very grateful to AFA for supporting "Project: Made in Huntsville". The team of professionals including: hair stylist Kli'Tony Beamont, make-up artists Tanya Harris and Sydney Reynolds, photographers Vic Vergara and Brian Batista made our beautiful models Michaela, Lauren and Chassidy look especially gorgeous!

The wooden and leather necklaces were made by Natalie Stevens from Rusted Willow Artworks and metal ones by Crow's Trunk .

Natalie and myself brainstormed on what kind of jewelry will reflect her love for natural materials and gravitation to the earth tones. We ended up with these two looks:   Both dresses are made of linen. The fabric and the cut are complemented by beautifully shaped wooden necklaces and ceramics beads.




The next two looks we called "Breaking through the corporate walls". Huntsville is full of professional women who work in the corporate environment. Even though work walls are sometimes dull and unglamorous Huntsville women are not confined by them!

These denim pants and cropped cotton top are complemented by bright red stripes on the hip line and red zipper. Accessorized by metal necklace from The Crow's Trunk.

These wide leg denim pants are paired with the flowing silk blouse. Accessorized by the butterfly necklace from The Crow's Trunk.

Follow the link to see our models in the LookBook Mag . Leave us your feedback and let us know what you think about our collection.

The next two outfits are inspired by the Japanese Garden that we have here in Huntsville, AL. When I visited the Garden for the first time I was charmed by it and decided that we need to design and photograph a few garments here.

Natalie from Rusted Willow Artworks made unique stone necklaces to accessorize the garments. Heather from Buttercream Proof Kisses  made beautiful makeup for our models Kaylan and Alyssa. Our photographer was Johnny from Johnny Miller Photography.

This garment is inspired by a traditional kimono. It is worn over the flower print dress and accessorized by several layered belts.

Model-Kaylan. Johnny Miller Photography

The second outfit consists of a silk blouse, silk trousers and a jacket.

Model- Alyssa. Johnny Miller Photography

If you are interested to see behind the scenes of this photo session check out this blog post. Leave us your feedback in the comments field, we would love to know how you like our collection.

The next look is one of my favourites. The straight modern silhouette of this dress is brightened by hand painted flowers by Barbara from Laughing Tree Art . Our beautiful model was Jessica, hair and make-up by Megan Arreola. Special thanks to Piper and Leaf for letting us photograph in their café.

All images are by Johnny Miller Photography

Next we took our project to Hayes Nature Preserve and photograph this cotton dress there. The dress was a last minute addition to the photo session and turn out cute!

Make-up and hair by model Amberly, dress Anyaberry

For the next series of photos we chose downtown Huntsville, AL as our setting. Downtown Huntsville reflexes the mood of the Project: Made in Huntsville in a best way. I am grateful to all my collaborators : Johnny Miller Photography for these gorgeous pictures, Rusted Willow Art for fun earrings and necklaces, Green Pea Press for special t-shirts, Megan from Arexbeauty for hair and makeup and to our beautiful models Alyssa and Adynai for their beauty. The raincoats are featuring wearable electronics and messages from different people about themselves and Huntsville.



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