Young designers from our fashion school for kids The Theatre Of Fashion have worked hard during the month of April and developed a project: The Masks We Made. We met for group and private classes with the help of Skype. We developed mood boards, discussed materials, sewed together and planned the photography sessions. Girls worked at home and modeled their creations in front of their parents' cameras.
The masks that you see here reflect their feeling and thoughts during the time of the quarantine. And even though we want masks to go away they are here to stay (at least for some time) and tell us their own story.

This mask is made by Masha who just turn 12 years old. Inspiration started with the cupcake and continued flowing as the mask got covered with bananas and strawberries made with fabric. I call it “All things sweet”. Modeled by Masha, photographed by her mom.

Zoe has made a mask “In Bloom” . The message of the mask is one of the revival. Second spring so to say. All that will come after the pandemic comes to end. I can’t wait 🙂

Ingrid’s mask is called The Leaf Mask. She got the idea for the design while taking a walk in her neighborhood and stumbling on the fallen leaves. She incorporated the leaves into her design.

Debora chose Joy as an inspiration for her design of the mask and a dress. Sun, sunflowers and a color yellow! Spread more Joy!

Bella is sending us a reminder with her “We will Survive” Mask!

This is the final mask for the project The Masks We Made. Killian has designed a mask that speaks about Love and Fear during the outbreak of the virus. We saw these two sides of our human nature come to light and be in conflict with each other. May Love always prevail!

I hope you have enjoyed these masks' designs. We plan to exhibit them at our Studio in Lowe Mill sometimes this Fall. We will invite all of you to visit us then and share your thoughts with us.